As 2020 ushered in a tidal wave of new practices, approaches, and views. Industries are using these to show potential trends for 2021 and the pet food industry is no different. Let’s dive into what trends to look out for in 2021 when treating your dog with the food they love.


A trend sweeping the world is the accountability of ethically sustained ingredients, and this has a great impact on your dog’s favourite treats. Over the last few years, we’ve seen this transform from a buzzword to a conscious action influencing consumer’s buying decisions.

Aaron Herndon, a veterinary scientist at the University of Queensland, shed some light on the situation in an ABC article. He explained that the purchase of local brands utilising vast Aussie produce is likely to have a lower environmental impact than imported products. Therefore, it was recommended that pet owners opt for these local brands to fuel their furry friends.

Leveraging this important desire for environmentally friendly foods, our meat, fruits, and vegetables are locally sourced. We ensure that your dog only eats the best local grass-fed beef, kangaroo, lamb, chicken, and turkey. Also, incorporate hand-picked organic fruits and vegetables in our raw food for an incredibly rounded diet for pets.


As pet owners look to adopt healthier habits, this trend then trickles down to our furry friends, influencing what we feed our dogs. But being healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing treats all together rather treating them with the right stuff. Some things to look to avoid are:

  • steroids
  • gluten
  • preservatives
  • artificial growth hormones
  • chemicals
  • fillers
  • salt
  • dyes
  • flavour enhancers

With this in mind, let’s explore the right stuff to treat your furry friend. Some of the best treats contain natural ingredients and are packed with flavour that your dog will love. This can look like:

Lamb Treats: These are perfect for your dog if they are sensitive or allergic to other protein sources, such as red meat. Making sheep ears, lamb shank bones and dried lamb liver treats not only a healthier alternative but a delicious one.

Kangaroo Treats: Trending in popularity, kangaroo is stacked with benefits both health and sustainability wise, which include being:

  • high in zinc – supporting your dog’s immune system lowering healing time and boosting ability to fight off nasty disease.
  • high in iron – promoting a higher number of red blood cells which can support growth and overall health
  • naturally farmed – free from factory farming our kangaroos are free ranged, organic and 100% sourced locally in Cairns, Australia.

Steering away from these nasties and opting for natural and local ingredients brings a world of wins for you and your dog. Asides from health benefits, utilising local Aussie products also aids sustainability and environmental impact, which is a massive win for all.


It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic saw online shopping rocket in use. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the global pandemic aided the total online sales averaged an annual rise of 67.1% from March to November 2020. Which is a significant rise to the years prior rise of 14.4%.

With the emergence of website and social media storefronts like Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shop consumers are spoilt with choice. Tapping into this trend can provide some added benefits to you and your dog, which can be:

  • greater convenience and ease – with online shopping trending, customers can purchase products on the same platform they scroll through their newsfeeds on.
  • greater range – the digital space is vast and finding niche products or your favourite brands has never been easier.
  • more time spent with your perfect pet – ditching the commute to the store leaves more quality time spent with your favourite furry friend, which is a big win at the end of the day!

2020 illuminated a path of change and possibility in terms of business trends and consumer-focused motives. Utilising these in 2021 can not only provide your pet with greater benefits but also yourself as a pet owner. Let us know your thoughts on tapping into these trends in our comments.

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