We are an Australian-owned natural dog treats company passionate about providing your pet with the best, locally sourced, healthy and natural dog treats available! After years of making quality pet food for our own dogs, we realised we could help Australian owners feed their pets the most beneficial diet for their health, and Drool Pet Co was born. We offer a variety of natural dog treats for your furry friend, including beef, turkey, lamb & chicken, kangaroo, and don’t forget the fish for the felines.

We create tasty natural pet treats that are 100% Australian products. Most importantly, our single ingredient pet treats are naturally dehydrated with no additives, preservatives or chemicals. From pig’s ears to dried sardines to oat biscuits, we’re big advocates for treating your pet the premium way.

We’re passionate about giving your pet more energy, improved digestion and immune support from our natural pet treats made right here in Cairns, Australia. $9.95 flat rate delivery, free delivery on orders over $150.

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Delicious Pet Food & Treats

Dog Treats


Why Should I Feed My Pet Single Ingredient Treats?

We recommend natural food diet high in animal protein and balanced fats, and nutritionally complete with fruits and vegetables, and natural treats.

Our natural treats offers the following benefits in just 30 days

  • More energy: eating their biological diet means more energy for ‘hunting’ i.e playing with you!
  • Increased vitality
  • Healthier G.I tract: a healthier G.I tract from raw pet food means your pet’s digestive system will run a lot smoother. Hello a good night’s sleep!
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Reduced hair loss
  • Immune system support
  • Relief from allergies, often caused by food intolerances and imbalances caused by carbohydrates, which our pet treats do not contain.
  • Shinier and healthier coat: our high-quality pet treats contains omegas 3 and 6 for create a shinier coat
  • Improved digestion
  • Less bloating
  • Fresher breath
  • Smaller stools

What makes our treats better than the food and treats I feed my pet?

Packed pet treats come accompanied with more than a few harmful ingredients to your furry friend. If you read the back of your pet’s current food, can you pronounce the ingredients? We get it! We thought it wasn’t good for our pets too!

Even if you can pronounce the ingredients, most of the time the ‘vitamins and minerals’ are synthetic. This is because the high temperature processing of dry pet food kills the enzymes that are essential for your pet. Packed food is also largely loaded with carbohydrates and fillers, which could be causing your pet’s gluten intolerance. They’re biologically made to eat food from the wild, remember?

You will find more than one disadvantageous component or consequence in packed food and treats, which could be harming your pet’s health every time you feed them. Our pet treats have no disadvantages.

Why choose Drool Pet Co’s Pet Food?


Just wanted to say how much I, Simba looove your healthy treats. This is me enjoying a roo chop this morning. Great taste and many hours to be enjoyed chewing…My mum and dad have been ordering a veriaty of your healthy treats and raw chicken and lamb mince for me and I really love the taste of it all. ❤️ So many thanks for your deliveries at home in Kewarra which is so convenient and for your lovely good quality pet food❤️??

Have a great weekend.

Kind regards,

Simba and Robin & Linda


Starting off the day with some yummy all natural Mackerel Skin Twists! so tasty! and the best part is that its all locally made which makes it even better!


Furiously wagging tail at breakfast. Wolfed it down. He loves his Drool Pet Co. food.

Two dogs who love Drool Pet Co dog treat and raw food

Love love love this food – and so does my dog. I am a firm believer in feeding dogs raw. It has literally saved my dogs life. He has such bad allergies (kibble) that we nearly put him down – he had no fur and his quality of life was so poor. We were introduced to raw and nearly nine years later he is perfectly healthy and still going strong. The vets can’t believe how young and healthy he seems yet he will be twelve years old this year. Coming from Canada we were so happy to have found a raw food that is even better than what we used to get there. Thank you so much Drool – your products are fantastic.

Dozer & Harley
Phoebe & Walter

Hi Guys,

Thank you for great customer service once again. I placed my order last night after 10pm, and arrived home this afternoon and the girls treats were on my doorstep. Lulu and Betty will be very appreciative as we ran out of your treats yesterday. Thanks again, great service and excellent quality, healthy treats.

Many thanks


Lulu & Betty

Quality food and treats! Great service!!!


Hi Jess, They loved their first dinner from Drool Pet Co….. i will order more the next time you deliver to the Tablelands. Cheers and thanks for the great service!

Pepper, Xena & Ellie

Drool pet dog food have been a lifesaver for my little man, always vomiting. But ever since making the switch to the raw food we don’t have vomiting anymore! And a plus is that he now loves dinner times and quick delivery!

dog eating drool pet co food

Lucy Loves Drool pet Co.

Drool Pet Co client testimonial photo of dog with dog treats

Thanks again for the treats my favourite was the bully stick


5 Stars Our dogs will do anything for the treats from Drool Pet Co.! The Rustic Oat Biscuits are their fave. Being made from all natural ingredients with no nasties is a big tick for us. Thank you!

Dog eating Drool Pet Co's dog food and loving it

Awesome food that can make your dog Drool like crazy when he realises its time for food!!! I will never go back to dry foods if i can avoid it! Fantastic, good quality dog food. No need to put your pet on a diet with this natural and delicious food. It keeps them healthy and with a fur that is so soft and shiny that everyone wants to cuddle them. And the people behind it are super awesome and friendly. I could not recommend anyone more!!!

Two dogs

Highly recommend these girls, they provide a fantastic service to our four legged family. The boys are sometimes disappointed when we turn up instead of the girls.

Bedford & Dodge
Two dogs waiting to eat their raw dog food from Drool Pet Co.

Trying a new diet…..Kangaroo for Loli & Beef for Roxy with lots of other goodness. Delivered right to our door from Drool Pet Co. here in Cairns

Loli & Roxy
Dog with his dog food and treats waiting patiently

Would highly recommend Drool Pet Co. Amazing customer service. Was lovely meeting you and your puppy dog.

Kato & Bob loving their raw dog food and treats

Kato & Bob Love Drool Pet Co. Products x thank you Drool.

Kato & Bob
Dog lying down on carpet and tiles relaxing

Twiggy Looooves your dog food!

Dog waiting for food

Hi Jess,

It was lovely to meet you yesterday and thanks for delivering Molly’s food. I just wanted to let you know that she absolutely loves the Green Lipped Muscles, so that is great (she is a bit of a fuss pot) and the Beef jerky is also a hit. I gave her some of the lamb and chicken last night, I had to warm it up a bit for her to eat it, but that did the trick she ate it all up 🙂
Thanks for providing a great product, it’s great not having to worry about what crap is in the food/ treats we give them, you put everything in the food they need. We have always fed raw/cooked food but now I don’t have to worry about coming up with variety for her ( I wouldn’t want to eat the same thing everyday and I’m sure neither do they). We’ll never go back now we have found you guys. Keep up the fantastic work you are doing, helping so my pet parents give their babies the very best they can get. Love the products and more importantly so does Molly.

Great job guys, so happy to have found you !!

Rachel & Molly 🙂

french bulldog sniffing a dog treat

Great friendly all around service & the raw food is always fresh!


The girls are amazing. Best food that you can feed your dogs!!!



Casey & Tim



Bella the Old English  Sheepdog loves Drool raw pet food and their treats. Her favorites are lamb, chicken and veggies, beef and veggies, bully sticks and beef jerky.  She has been eating Drool Pet food since she was 12 weeks old and thinks their products are wonderful. By her enthusiasm for her food we reckon she would give Drool 10/10 for quality and variety. And their service is also amazing with home delivery in Cairns.


We are so lucky to have this fantastic all natural food for our beautiful fur babies right here in Cairns, great food and even better service.
My girl loves their food, a little bit too much LOL. I highly recommend these guys.


Great service, they do my lizard, cat and bird sitting. Always come home to happy healthy kids. Highly recommend them as caring genuine animal lovers, not just a business. I use their raw cat food for my fur babies, only the best for them and vet was very impressed with my cats condition and health.


Fantastic service !!! My dogs absolutely love the treats I buy them from Drool Pet Co. Its good quality healthy food. And the service & delivery is wonderful. Thank you!!!


Why our pet treats are too good to resist.

We offer 100% natural and preservative free pet treats, perfect for your furry friend to keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy! Just like our raw pet food, our natural pet treats contain NO nasties, offering a clean and delicious treat for your pet.

Our pet treats are handmade in small batches. This ensures complete control over the ingredients and cooking process. This means our natural pet treats are made from real flavours, as they are 100% all-natural meat. Just like our pet raw food, you will see a difference in your pet’s health within 30 days.

Drool Pet Co natural dog treats

We are different, and so are out pet treats!

There’s plenty of treats for pets, so why should you feed your pet Drool Pet Co. all natural pet treats?

  • We’re Australian owned and operated! Drool Pet Co. natural dog treats are made right here in Cairns, Queensland. There’s nothing better than supporting your local.
  • Our natural pet treats are gold standard! We recommend avoiding the nasties in your treats too and our natural dog treats are made to the highest quality possible.
  • Our meat, and vegetables are locally sourced. We use local grass-fed beef, kangaroo, lamb/chicken and pork and fish. We also incorporate hand-picked organic vegetables natural pet treats, so your pet is only getting the best!
  • We have experienced it first-hand! When we realised our dog, Roxy, had major food allergies after spending years trying traditional approaches, we slowly transitioned to natural pet food in Australia. It was almost like a miracle watching her ailments clear up!
  • We have a chef on board! Co-founder Jess worked as a chef for ten years before she decided it was time for a change. Jess’ experience as a chef means she puts in as much effort for your furry friends as she did for her customers.

NO nasties in our Natural Treats

The good news is our pet treats contain NO nasties.

That’s right, our all natural pet treats doesn’t contain any of the ingredients you will find in packed pet food.

NO fillers, NO additives, NO preservatives, NO grains. Just natural pet treats in Australia high in fresh animal protein and balanced fats, complete with fruits and vegetables, and naturally dehydrated treats.



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