Find out a bit about who we are and why we founded Drool Pet Co. Natural Dog Food


It all began when we created Smooshie Faces Pet Services in 2014, pet sitting and dog walking service’s in Cairns FNQ, which became very successful very quickly. Anyone who was familiar with Smooshie Faces Pet Services would realise we created our own logo, website and Facebook page. We decided to get even more serious about our love for pets, with a new name and professional look and the decision to expand into natural dog and cat food, sell natural pet treats and accessories Drool Pet Co. was born. The reason we decided to commercially produce raw pet food start as a result of Roxy’s (our own dog) poor health and this is her story.  READ MORE

We found Roxy at the local Cairns animal shelter, the moment we saw those beautiful brown playful eyes we were in love. An 8-month-old American Staffy was ours and we were over the moon!
As soon as we got her home we realised she was covered in hives, she had swollen infected ears which felt like sandpaper, red itchy eyes, dry skin, patchy hair, underweight, very gassy and clearly looked uncomfortable. For a couple of years we were at the vet’s every few months using the traditional approaches to her conditions, but this fix was only temporary. In desperation for an answer we researched her conditions and slowly started to realise it was mainly food allergies.
Being disappointed with the quality of store bought dog food, we slowly eased her off dog biscuits and focused on introducing a raw natural dog food diet.
Slowly all her ailments cleared up, her coat is shiny and Roxy couldn’t be healthier! Its amazing what a natural dog food diet from mother nature has done for her body. Raw Dog Food isn’t an allergy cure, but it does help build up the immune system which helps fight the allergens. So this led us to produce quality raw dog food at Drool Pet Co., after years of making this quality product for our dog, we realised we could help other dogs and their owners with our natural dog food.


Growing up in Adelaide, South Australia Jess’ first job at the age of 15 was selling shoes. She moved into the hospitality industry as a chef, which led her to Cairns, Queensland. Ten years of experience cooking in pubs, entertainment centre’s, ski resorts, restaurants and nursing homes she decided it was time for a change.
Having two Burmese cats and a boxer and American staffy she quickly noticed the lack of pet services in Cairns. One Christmas looking to book the animals into catteries and kennels for a holiday and finding them all booked out a year in advance made her realise the need for more services in the area. This is how Smooshie Faces Pet Services was born. Jess found her love for animals as a child visiting her grandparent’s farm. There were Hungarian Vizsla’s, two horses, sheep and cats. This is where her love for animals began.


Born in Brisbane, Queensland, and then moved to Cairns Far North Queensland, as a young child, Katie was always around animals. Growing up in a large, animal loving family there was always a wagging tail and loyal companion by her side. Including: Birds, dogs, cats and two axolotl’s. One time Katie and her brother rescued a baby fruit bat that was injured after hitting the glass doors. They knew mum wouldn’t allow it in the house so the found a shoe box, put a little blanket inside and kept it for a few days. Hiding the baby bat in their bedroom, feeding it mango and water.
Keeping it hidden in the bedroom wasn’t an easy task, as the bat was starting to heal they placed it on the bed to have a look at it, it then flew down the corridor into the Christmas tree. 10minutes later mum and dad returned home and The fruit bat was still in the Christmas tree, when their mother had her back turned cooking dinner, Katie’s brother quickly seized the bat and sneaked it back into the bedroom for release the next day safely from the trampoline.




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