Kangaroo may not be the first meat that comes to mind when you think of natural dog treats or raw food for your pet, but did you know it is the most superior of all meats for your dog? We are so lucky to live in Australia and have the ability to enjoy our native animal in more than one way – humans and pets alike – and enjoy a number of benefits along with the unique kangaroo taste. Kangaroo meat and kangaroo treats for pets are not only low in fat, but they are high in zinc, protein, and iron, earning their top spot as the best meat for your pet in more ways than one. We unpack the various benefits to kangaroo meats and kangaroo treats for pets below.


Low in fat
Meats low in fat are not only important for dogs that suffer from canine pancreatitis, but for any kind of canine that requires leaner meat in their diet. Kangaroo meat and kangaroo treats are especially low in fat, usually around 3-4% fat. Even this 3-4% of fat is unsaturated which, just like humans, can be beneficial in moderation in your pet’s diet. Healthy fats are important to include in your pet’s balanced diet – kangaroo meat offers this healthy fat within its high protein meat.


High in zinc
We don’t mean to brag, but kangaroo meat also has the highest zinc levels out of any meat available for your pet. Zinc has a variety of benefits to support your dog’s day to day life, such as its ability to support your dog’s immune system, encouraging shorter recovery and wound healing times. This can also support your pet’s ability to fight off any disease which may come their way each day. Zinc can also aid your pet’s coat health and can toughen their paws against rough surfaces; it can also help your pet metabolise proteins and carbs. Yes, zinc can be a miracle vitamin and your pet can get a healthy amount in kangaroo meat and kangaroo treats in their everyday life.


High in iron
The zinc in kangaroo meat and kangaroo treats work very closely with the high levels of iron kangaroo meat also embodies. We know iron works hard to create red blood cells – if your dog is consuming the perfect amount of iron then their red blood cells can carry more oxygen around their body, which can in turn work together with zinc to boost your pet’s immune system. Low iron in a dog’s diet can lead to anaemia, which can prevent your dog’s growth and encourage a weak immune system, so we encourage ensuring your pet is consuming enough iron every day.


No factory farming
As Australia’s native animal, kangaroo are not farmed so their meat is the freest range and most organic meat available for your pet. If you try to avoid factory farming and aim to purchase free range meat for yourself and your pet, kangaroo is the best meat you can choose. Kangaroo are high in vitamins and minerals not only because of the natural nature of their meat, but because their diet consists of a variety of greenery – all containing their own number of vitamins and minerals. At Drool Pet Co, our kangaroo meat is 100% sourced locally in Cairns, Australia.



Australian Kangaroo In The Grass




At Drool Pet Co, we offer a variety of Kangaroo meat in the form of raw pet food, or natural pet treats. Our Kangaroo Raw Dog Food is completely natural, containing ingredients you can pronounce and recognise – our kangaroo raw dog food contains not only lean kangaroo mince, heart, liver and kidney, but also organic vegetables such as broccoli, sweet potato, beetroot, and other ingredients such as raw honey and natural yoghurt. This ensures your dog is enjoying the benefits of kangaroo meat, and the benefits of every single other organic ingredient.

Our absolute favourite way to introduce kangaroo into your pet’s diet is through kangaroo natural pet treats. At Drool Pet Co, our kangaroo treats are our widest range of treats. All of our treats are naturally dehydrated, and help to remove tartar and plaque while promoting healthy teeth and gums in your pooch.

We offer the following kangaroo treats:

  • Kangaroo Jerky
  • Kangaroo Chops
    Made from kangaroo hip bone
  • Kangaroo Ears
    These are complete with hair which brings a different texture to your pet’s treat. Kangaroo ears are also known to act as a natural de-wormer, and are perfect for indoor chewing due to their low odour and almost no grease.
  • Kangaroo Liver
  • Kangaroo Tails
    Kangaroo tails can be on average 15-25cm in length, so they are a great alternative to bones whilst still being great for your dog’s dental hygiene.
  • Kangaroo Tubes
    These are made from kangaroo trachea and are a great crunchy treat for dogs of all sizes.
  • Kangaroo Rib Racks
    These bad boys will keep your dog entertained for hours!
  • Kangaroo Tendons
    Kangaroo tendons are a great alternative to supermarket chew sticks. Kangaroo tendons have just one ingredient, much like our other kangaroo treats, and last hours compared to minutes that supermarket chew sticks last.

So if kangaroo is the lowest in fat and the highest in zinc, iron and vitamins and minerals, and they make great all-natural and long-lasting treats to keep your pet entertained and keep their teeth and gums healthy, then what are you waiting for? All of Drool Pet Co’s natural pet treats are naturally dehydrated, locally sourced in the Aussie outback, and are 100% free from nasties. You can shop our kangaroo treats here! Happy treating!