So, you’ve found the four-legged friend of your dreams! What will surely be one of the most exciting times in you and your new pups’ lives, there’s a few things to know before you bring them to their new forever home.

Getting a new pet is always a big responsibility, and at Drool Pet Co we want to make sure that you are well prepared so that your new pet has the warmest welcome, as well as ensuring your home is as puppy proof as possible! The first time your furry friend sees your house they’re going to a whole mix of emotions from excited to nervous, so before


There are some essential supplies you’ll need before your pup steps foot (or paw) into your home, from bare basics such as a food and water bowl (and of course the dog food and natural dog treats), toys, puppy pads and a bed, however, there are some supplies that may not have crossed your mind yet:

Crate: a crate that is spacious enough for your dog is important when familiarising them to a new environment, as well as making sure they have plenty of room to stand up, stretch and turn around in so they can get comfortable.

Feeding toys: If feeding toys aren’t on your list, it might be best to add them. They provide essential mental stimulation for dogs, as well as assist in behaviour modification which is needed when house training a new dog. They also cater to your dog’s emotional and physical needs and can help ease them into their new home. Of course, when using feeding toys, you need to be conscious of how much your dog is eating. Drool Pet Co has a great range of healthy and weight friendly natural dog treats that can be given to your pup for training purposes. It’s good to get your dog familiar with a regular feeding schedule when they arrive home too to ease any additional stress that may come from new territory.

Collar & Harness: Even if you’re planning to walk your dog in a harness for their comfort, your dog will need a sensible collar (with no prongs or chokers that can cause stress or pain to your dog) that has their I.D. tag and identifying information on. As dogs are introduced into new homes, its common for them to attempt to escape back to what’s more familiar to them, having a collar ensures that if they do get out then you’ll get them back!


Not only are there things you need to buy for your new dog, but there are a number of things you need to plan for as well. For dogs entering a new environment, their senses are on high alert, and you’ll need to make sure you know the designated areas you want your dog to do different things in.

Sleeping: Be sure to designate a specific spot your dog will sleep in, this will be where they should feel most comfortable and at ease, so a warm corner is ideal so they can keep an eye on their surroundings that are in front of them.

Bathroom: designating a spot for their puppy pads is important when they’re too small and new to be venturing outside yet, toilet training dogs is a harder task when they’re nervous and unfamiliar with their surroundings.

Feeding station: considering where your dog will be fed is very important, dogs in newer environments will feel vulnerable when eating as well as being extra protective of their food as they aren’t sure of a regular feeding schedule yet. This should be combined with a good selection of food and natural dog treats; Drool Pet Co has a wide range of food options that can ease your new dog’s anxiety when in a new home.


Training your dog is the final consideration once you get your supplies, and of course your dog! To ensure to get your dog’s social skills and basic commands down, a qualified puppy school is highly recommended! As for at home training, teaching them what areas they are allowed and welcomed in and getting them comfortable is the first step, but further considerations should be made when it comes to their at home training.

Walking: Getting your new dog used to a walking route, and walking in general, will be a long process. With so many new and exciting smells for them to sniff and territory to mark along their walk, you’ll need to have excellent patience as they learn their surroundings.

Rewards: We all know that the best way to motivate a dog is delicious natural dog treats, so rewarding your dog into conditioning good behaviour in them is a tricky balance. While some dogs take a little longer to learn, ensuring you’re giving them the right quantity to maintain their weight, but also giving them the best quality natural dog treats, so that an extra one just for being a good boy or girl won’t cause any harm! Drool Pet Co we have a great selection of natural dog treats that you can use to reward your well-behaved dog without the worry, although we can’t promise they won’t beg for more!

The most important part of bringing home a new furry friend for the family is of course, making sure that they are loved, safe and well taken care of! Giving them enough time to get comfortable with all members of the household and regular guests, your new best friend will be acting like they own the place soon enough!