It’s that time of the year again when the sun is setting earlier, and the weather is getting colder. Winter is a polarising season, you either love it or hate it, but have you ever thought of your dog’s opinion on it? At Drool Pet Co, we know It’s an easy thing to overlook, but it could come as a surprise that your pet’s health needs aren’t consistent throughout the whole year. As humans, we know how harsh winter can be on us with dry skin and runny noses, but the same can go for dogs. Keeping an eye on potential health risks can be crucial for your canine.

Of course, they have their beautiful thick coats of fur to keep them warm, but dependent on their breed, lifestyle and even diet, there are a few ways you can make sure your four-legged best friend is well-looked after this wet winter.

Too cold for comfort

This one should go without saying, but if the weather is too cold for you as a human to be outside, then it’s also probably too cold for your dog. Regardless of their size, pets can freeze, become disoriented, are more prone to getting lost in search of warm shelter and in the most severe cases can be killed if there is an underlying internal issue that you might not be aware of. While these are clearly worst-case scenarios and are highly unlikely, it’s still important to take into consideration and keep your pooch as safe and comfortable as possible in the coming colder months.
Keeping pets indoors at night with clean water is the best way to ensure their safety, and you can throw in a delicious Drool Pet Co dog treat to keep them happy!

Winter walks

Walks are arguably a dog’s favourite part of the day, rivalled with dinner time. But walking your dog in winter may call for some different attention to detail than in a more comfortable climate. The colder months can have an effect on your dogs’ paws, resulting in sensitive or cracked paw pads or redness and irritation between their toes, which can be made all that more vulnerable when walking on much colder or even wet pavement. To make sure that their immune system is it’s best, Drool Pet Co has a great variety of treats that your dog will love that also gives them an extra boost of energy for those cold winter walks.

Sensitive skin

We all know dogs can tolerate slightly colder temperatures than us due to their thick coats, but under that fur they have very similar skin to us. If they’ve been outside all day playing in the cold and are coming in for the night-time, it never hurts to give them a quick brush and pat down with a towel, as constant drastic changes in temperature can take a toll on their skin, especially if your house is kept nice and toasty warm, it can cause irritation to their skin. Drool Pet Co has a range of balms designed precisely for looking after your dog’s skin with our skin, snout, and paw soothers for dogs, as well as our itchy dog shampoo for their comfort. You can even go one step further with Drool Pet Co’s natural skincare for dogs’ range, consisting of Garfish, Pilchards, Antler Powder and Golden Paste Plus to give your dog healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Keep the coat

Again, this should go without saying but never completely shave your dog down during winter. Not only does their coat keep them warm and at a more controllable temperature, but further skin irritation is far more likely. For dogs that are suited to snowy climates like huskies, a little trim of their fur can be fine to ensure they don’t overheat if they’re inside with the heater on, but for smaller short haired dogs we do recommend providing them with an extra layer of a jacket or sweater for those really chilly days. Drool Pet Co also offers a range of great dog treats, such as shark tails and goat tripe, that keep your dog’s coat looking healthy and shiny, especially during the winter months. Drool Pet Co’s raw dog food can also assist in reducing hair loss, so your dog and your couch will be happy!

Food for fuel

Also feel free to feed your dog just a little bit extra during the beginning of the colder months but within reason and paying attention to their overall health. But a little bit of extra winter weight can help with their internal climate control as their bodies work slightly harder in winter to stay warm and some fat storage can help ease this added seasonal strain on them. Drool Pet Co has an incredible range of dog treats that are perfect for your pet to snack on to keep them warm and healthy. Of course, make sure that their water intake is upped as well to balance this out and keep them and their skin hydrated. This can also benefit their paws as mentioned earlier and gives them some more energy they can burn off during the day, so they can easily sleep away in those warm indoor nights.

Either way, winter is a great season for dogs to enjoy and makes for a perfect excuse for a cuddle on the couch. Besides, winter is the perfect excuse to spoil your pup with some extra comfort and love, not that an excuse is ever needed for that though. It’s easy to forget exactly how similar you and your dog’s needs become in winter, from cold feet to working up a bigger appetite, their needs are very easy to understand when you know what to look for.