As the clock ticked over to 2020, people across the world announced their New Year’s resolutions and promises to get the year started right in order to start out as they mean to go on.

If you’ve decided on a New Year New You approach, here are some tips to include your doggo in living your best life together.


  1. New Year New Pooch

If you’ve made a commitment to eat better after the festive feasting season, bring your dog along for the ride! Ditch the generic pet food and treat your dog to some raw dog food. Pets thrive on raw food. Before they were domesticated, that’s what they lived on, so it makes sense they would benefit from eating as Mother Nature intended.

With a biologically appropriate raw diet tailored to the species of your pup, you can improve and maintain the health, wellness and vitality in your pet. Drool Pet Co. has a range of natural raw food, which will have you noticing improvements in your pet’s health in as few as 30 days. Contributing to greater cell growth and reproduction, Drool Pet Co.’s locally sourced beef, kangaroo, lamb, chicken and turkey products, which are grass fed and made with hand picked local organic fruits and vegetables are all natural, gluten free and grain free.

Order yours in the Far North Queensland area today.


  1. Rock a new, 2020 look

Perhaps you’ve decided to start the New Year with a new look. Well, you can strut your stuff with a new do for your pet as well! Engage a dog groomer in your area to get a new look for your mate, get their nails done and have them looking slick on your walks in the park.

You can have their coat looking shiny and new with raw dog food, and take care of dry and damaged paws with products like Paw Soother from Drool Pet Co. or Skin Soother for dry or irritated skin.

Drool Pet Co.’s Golden Paste is a natural anti-inflammatory, which is great for your dog’s inside and out. It will get them looking and feeling great.


  1. Get healthy and active

Fitting more exercise into your life is a great way to get fit and active and it’s a common New Year’s resolution. Including your dog in that promise is an excellent way to keep you committed. It’s more fun exercising with company and what better company than your best mate?

Even with a busy life, you can always fit in a walk with your dog, which will benefit the both of you. Just make sure to keep them off the hot roads in summer. If it’s too hot for your bare feet, it’ll be too hot for their little paws. Grab some of that aforementioned paw soother if they’ve had contact with hot concrete or asphalt.

Starting the new year with a promise to get happy and healthy is great and there will be no one more encouraging that your pup who will simultaneously be your cheer squad and your wingman. Why not order them some healthy dog treats to thank them for their good work!