Switch your pet to a natural raw dog food diet & you’ll see health improvements in as little as 30 days.

When your pets originated, they didn’t set up a campfire, cook their meat, and put it through a processor. They consumed their prey whole, while digestive and beneficial enzymes were still living. Their live food kept omega fatty acids in-tact, and they received their nutrients straight from their prey’s flesh.

The only difference between wolves and your dog, is that your dog has been domesticated through years of evolution. They have learned to cuddle you instead of eating you. Mentally, they have adapted to receive their food from you, but physically, our dogs are still biologically born to crave and digest raw dog food.

This is a scientifically based diet,(raw dog food or barf) which mimics the food that a dog – or its ancestors – would naturally eat in the wild. It combines the current research into nutrition as well as species appropriate ingredients. It’s “balanced and complete” nutrition without the harmful processing and ingredients, and made from the foods that a dog would eat in the wild. No steroids, gluten, grains, by products, preservatives, chemicals, fillers, salt, colours, and flavour enhancers.

If your pet has been eating processed food from the supermarket shelves, you will start to see improvements in as little as 30 days when you switch your pet’s diet to Drool Pet Co’s raw dog food (Cairns Customers Only). Our raw dog food mimics the canine ancestral diet, taking it back to the basics and feeding your pet what their body is born to digest. Therefore, our experienced chef sources local grass-fed beef, kangaroo, lamb/chicken, making sure your pet receives only the freshest raw dog food.

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Why Raw Dog Food & Raw Cat Food?

But apart from appreciating a dog’s biologically appropriate diet, why else should you feed your pet raw dog food or raw cat food? Well, raw meat for dogs may seem like a simple diet, but your dog will experience many, if not all, of the following benefits when you transition them to raw dog food: It prioritises natural ingredients and a balance of vitamins and minerals to deliver what your dog needs from their diet. As the ingredients remain in their raw state, raw dog food doesn’t lose the enzymes and vitamins through cooking. In addition, the formulation skips the preservatives that can be found in non-raw foods.

  • More energy

  • Increased vitality

  • Healthier G.I tract: a healthier G.I tract from raw pet food means your pet’s digestive system will run a lot smoother, helping them sleep for longer without any tummy issues.

  • Improved cognitive function

  • Reduced hair loss

  • Immune system support

  • Relief from allergies, often caused by food intolerances and imbalances caused by carbohydrates, which our raw pet food does not contain.

  • Shinier and healthier coat from omegas 3 and 6 in our raw meat for dogs

  • Improved digestion

  • Less bloating

  • Fresher breath

  • Smaller stools

Cats experience an even more profound impact on their health. Due to cat’s carnivorous nature, their biological diet is adapted to obtain water requirements from their food. By feeding your cat our raw cat food, which is fresh, they receive their hydration appropriately, eliminating any problems caused by hydration imbalances (often from dry food).

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What Is In Our Raw Dog Food And Raw Cat Food?

Along with our locally sourced raw dog meat, we also make sure to include hand-picked organic fruits and vegetables in our raw dog food. We’re proud that our natural raw dog food only contains ingredients you can not only recognise, but also pronounce. All the vitamins and minerals your pet will receive from our raw dog food comes from natural ingredients, not synthetic supplements.

Our raw dog food and raw cat food DOES NOT contain any of the following:








  • SALT


  • DYES


How Much Raw Dog Food Should I Feed My Dog?

A typical adult dog should consume 2-3% of their body weight of raw dog food per day. This percentage should be calculated using your dog’s size, activity level and overall health to determine how much raw dog food to feed.

Your cat’s size, weight and activity level should also influence the amount of food they should be consuming. Adult cats should eat 2-4% of their ideal weight per day. However, different cats have different activity levels depending on their personality. We suggest monitoring your cat’s weight and adjust the amount you are feeding them accordingly.

Raw Dog Food Delivery

$7.95 flat rate delivery and free over $120. We home deliver from Babinda – Palm Cove every Thursday in cairns.

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Packaging Of Our Raw Dog Food And Raw Cat Food

Packaging may not be something you think about when it comes to your pet’s food, but we are passionate and thorough with our raw dog food and raw cat food packaging.

Our raw dog food and raw cat food are packed in 500g containers, and 2kg bulk cryovac bags. All our food is delivered frozen in freezer-safe packaging which doesn’t split or shatter, which can result in plastic shards in your pet’s food.

As we are constantly trying to be environmentally conscious, we do not use polystyrene to keep your raw dog food cool. Therefore, if you are not home for the delivery, we ask our customers to leave out an esky for us to put your raw dog food or raw pet food in. The Australian climate can get quite hot, especially in Cairns, and we want to keep your pet’s food as fresh as possible.


While it would be much easier for you to just start feeding your pet our raw dog food or raw cat food, we recommend transitioning your pet into eating our raw dog food over a couple of meals. This will avoid any stomach issues by gently easing them into a raw diet if they have never eaten raw food before.

Note: younger and healthier dogs will transition more effortlessly than older dogs or dogs with digestive issues. On average, healthy dogs should be able to transition within 5 to 7 days.

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When your pet switches to a to a healthier, more beneficial diet of raw dog food or raw cat food, your pet may experience a detoxification period. Please don’t be alarmed! This is completely normal, and is the way your dog’s body is purging itself of the various toxins that have built up over time from processed foods. Your pet may experience excess shedding, dry skin or runny eyes. These symptoms do not mean your pet is sick, it just means it is detoxing.

Your pet should resolve itself in a week or two. You can help your furry friend by ensuring there is always fresh water, and your pet is getting lots of exercise. Red eyes, dry skin, excessive itching and scratching, loose stools, additional shedding, and low energy are dramatically mitigated when your dog is eating what nature intended, raw dog food! The result is healthier happier dogs!

How do I transition my dog?

Day one: Start by substituting one eighth of your dog’s usual food with Drool Pet Co.’s raw dog food for two meals.

Third meal: Substitute one quarter with Drool Pet Co.’s raw dog food for three more meals.

Seventh meal: Substitute one half with Drool Pet Co.’s raw dog food for three more meals.

Tenth meal: Serve one full portion of Drool Pet Co.’s raw dog food.

Your transition is complete! If your dog is a picky eater, it may take longer. If this is the case, try introducing small amounts now and again as a treat or reward, or mix these small amounts with your dog’s favourite treat or food.

How do I transition my cat?

Transitioning your cat to raw dog food is a much more gradual process than a dog’s transition. It can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks to several months for some cats to make the full transition.

The key to successfully transitioning your cats to new food is to go very slowly.

Start with mixing in a thumbnail size portion of your new Drool Pet Co raw food with your cat’s current food. This is just enough to enable them to get used to the sight, smell and taste of the new food.

From here, very gradually increase the amount of Drool Pet Co raw cat food, while proportionately decreasing the amount of canned or dry food. Continue this process for at least 3-4 weeks.

Most cats will make the transition in 3-4 weeks, but if your cat continues to show resistance, just slow down the transition, and be patient!

If your cat usually only eats dry food, the transition may be more difficult. If your cat isn’t interested in the small amount of Drool Pet Co’s raw cat food, you may need to transition them, using the same gradual transition process, to canned food so they can get used to the new texture and smell. Then, gradually shift to Drool Pet Co’s raw cat food.


  • Be patient! Your patience and perseverance will be well worth the effort for the benefit it brings to your cat’s health!

  • Cats prefer their meals served warm or close to their body temperature and chose their food by smell. A warm aromatic meal is more appealing than cooler food; try warming up your cat’s meals to release the flavours and aromas.

  • Use a flat dish so it does not interfere with your cat’s sensitive whiskers and put them off their food.






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