Providing healthy dog treats is one way that many dog owners enjoy rewarding their pups — whether for learning a command, maintaining calm energy, or simply being a good companion. While many dog owners spend time selecting the right dog food, you may be less choosy when it comes time to selecting dog treats. After all, it’s just a little something special to enjoy now and then, right? Unfortunately, these store bought dog treats can sometimes lead to health issues, such as obesity, particularly when the treats selected are fatty and chock full of empty calories.

This is why it’s important to do your research in advance and select dog treats that not only keep your dog happy and drooling for more, but also maintain their health.

So what should you look for in a healthy dog treat?

  • No added sugar
  • No added salt
  • No soy
  • Corn free
  • Grain free
  • No dairy
  • Gluten free

No added sugar

It may appear under different names, such as sucrose, caramel, or corn syrup, but whatever the sweetener, it’s unnecessary for your dog’s nutrition. In fact, eating it regularly can cause hypoglycaemia, tooth decay, arthritis, obesity, nervousness, cataracts, and allergies.

No added salt

Ingredient’s may also be listed as sodium chloride, iodised salt, or sea salt. Salt is a required nutrient, but like in humans, excess intake of salt can cause health issues. Including an increase in water intake, heart rate, and hemoglobin concentration, as well as dry mucous membranes and restlessness.

No soy

Soy is often added because it is a cheap substitute for meat protein, but unfortunately, it offers fewer health benefits and also is a common allergen for dogs.


Corn is another cheap meat replacement with less nutritional value. It’s not a complete protein source and when used exclusively has been shown to result in muscle loss for dogs.


Ideally, you want a treat that is entirely grain free. In nature, dogs are meat eaters — they need protein. And those who eat grain in high amounts often suffer ill effects, such as irritable bowel syndrome, over time.

No dairy

Dairy products are a common cause of food allergies and sensitivities. If your dog is experiencing symptoms, you should talk to your veterinarian about whether or not eliminating dairy from his diet makes sense.


Gluten is a binder, which means it helps bind food together, but unfortunately, it offers little nutritional value.

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