Keeping Dogs Occupied in Winter

With the wintery weather settled in, your dog is probably spending more time indoors keeping warm.

While this is good for couch time and snuggles, your pup is used to running around outside and might be fixing to get into some mischief!

One way to amuse your furry friend is by creating some inside games to keep them out of trouble and give them a bit of love.

Dog Treats Hide and Seek

Dog Treats Hide and Seek is great fun for the whole household, and it can be good for your pet, too. All you need is dog treats and a sense of adventure!

Grab some dog treats like Drool Pet Co’s Antler Biscuits, which are crunchy, baked biscuits with all natural flavours and nutritious, beneficial ingredients, and then hide them around the house.

Once you’ve done that, start the search with your little mate to find the treats and watch how excited they get with each discovery!

Bigger snacks, like beef jerky work best for Dog Treats Hide and Seek so the treats are easier to find, and clean up is less dramatic (not that there will be much clean up when you have the tastiest treats!).

For a super cute addition to the game, you can use Rustic Oat Biscuits from Drool Pet Co, which are shaped like little doggo heads and are made with human-grade ingredients like oats, banana, organic peanut butter, organic coconut oil and honey, so they’re good fun as well as great for your dog.

And for a posh twist on your hide and seek adventure, you can hide Drool Pet Co’s Sweet Potato and Coconut Oil Dog Treats, which are rich in vitamins A, C and B6 for a healthy and shiny coat, in addition to fibre and antioxidants to aid healing.


french bulldog sniffing a dog treat

About Drool Pet Co. Treats

Drool Pet Co stock all natural food for pets and they deliver all over Australia. From snacks and treats to soothing paw treatments and even pet sitting and dog walking.

Order your supplies for your Dog Treats Hide and Seek today and you’ll get $15.00 flat rate shipping Aussie wide, or if you spend $120, you’ll get free shipping, so it’s best to buy in bulk and save!

Keep your pooch warm and amused this winter with some healthy and tasty fun and games! Your best friend will love you for it.