The weather is cold, it’s pouring with rain outside and you’re snuggled up on the couch, but – uh oh! – you’ve forgotten to buy dog treats for your pup.


Going outdoors when you’re comfy as heck is not an option, but your pal is probably looking at you with those eyes that say, “C’mon, just one treat!”


Don’t worry though, because you can avoid the shops and stay on the couch by ordering your healthy dog treats online!


And the best bit is that there are natural snacks available for your dog made with human-grade ingredients from stores like Drool Pet Co.

Types of Treats

Grab some beef jerky, which is a low fat, long lasting chew for dogs of all ages and sizes and ages. Made from all natural beef meat cut into large strips, Drool Pet Co’s beef jerky is tasty, chewy and will improve your dog’s dental hygiene and keep them thoroughly entertained in this cold, cold weather.


Dried, Green Lipped mussels are also a great, healthy treat for your doggo. Found off the shores of New Zealand, Green Lipped mussels are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which will help if your pet has arthritis. These treats can give pain relief as an anti-inflammatory, and can even help rebuild joints. The mussels are also high in Omega 3, which is great for dermatitis and skin irritations.


And, of course, winter is an excellent time to snack on sweet treats while you’re curled up inside in the warmth (hey, we’re all guilty of it!), so why not let your dog in on the comfort food feasting with a couple of carob drops. Drool Pet Co’s carob drops are a popular with pups of all sizes. They are 100% Aussie made using human grade ingredients and are irresistible.


One of the best things about Drool Pet Co, apart from the fact they ship all over Australia and offer free shipping for bulk buying, is that all of their healthy dog treats have no steroids, grains or by-products. They are all-natural and gluten free with no grains, and no preservatives, chemicals, fillers, dyes, flavour enhancers of artificial growth hormones.


When you order your Australian made healthy dog treats online through Drool Pet Co, you can rest assured (under your warm blanket on the couch) knowing your best mate is getting an all-natural, tasty treat that they will love.


Check out what’s on the menu today and start stocking up on dog treats today!