With all the kids in the neighbourhood bringing home swags of treats for Halloween, here’s some tricks that will involve your doggo so they can join in the spooky fun!


  1. Find a fun dress up for you and your dog so you can match on Halloween!

You can be Fred or Daphne and your pup can be Scooby Doo, or maybe you can be Fred Flintstone and doggo is Dino. Whatever you decide, it’s more fun together!


  1. Make sure you’re prepared for visiting pets by being armed with dog treats

Sure, you can have some spooky lollypops shaped like ghouls and ghosts or jelly body parts for the kids, but having dog treats on hand to reward the pets who come knocking will make you the most popular house on the street.

You’ll be especially favoured by handing out Drool Pet Co. treats because they are 100% natural and preservative free so they are an excellent treat and they will also keep the dog’s teeth and gums clean and healthy.

  1. Make sure your dog doesn’t get into the kids’ treats because it can be dangerous

 Every good dog owner will know that chocolate is bad for dogs. But that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on the fun. There are dog treats available with no preservatives, sweeteners, additives or chemicals, in fact there are treats you can get that are so natural, they practically go from paddock to puppy.

If you want to get your pup some sweet treats for Halloween, you can try carob drops which are a big furry friend favourite and are 100% Aussie made with human grade ingredients.

Or for some real fun, you can get dog head shaped biscuits, which are nutritious, crunchy, baked biscuits packed with all natural flavours and beneficial ingredients like oats, banana, organic peanut butter, organic coconut oil and honey. They’ll look great in the trick or treat bowl and dogs will love them.


  1. Make their evening walk a trick or treating experience!

You know how excited your dog gets when it’s time for a walk. Well imagine how thrilled they’ll be when they join all the kids in the street for a trick or treat walk. Imagine all the pats they will get and how happy the children will be when you take your pet out on a Halloween adventure. If you aren’t available for a walk, you can always engage the services of an experienced dog walker who might even want to dress up with your dog (see tip #1).

You can dress up and trick or treat with your dog for Halloween or you can simply stay home and just share the treats with your little mate, which can be just as good, especially when you get the healthiest, all natural dog treats from Drool Pet Co. Buy in bulk and save, order yours today.