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Sheep ears for dogs are a long lasting treat. All-natural and dehydrated, rich in vitamins and minerals. Sheep ears for dogs are a great treat to keep your doggie entertained while at the same time assists in the maintenance of good dental hygiene without chemical-laden dental treats. Great for puppies and small-medium dogs. All Australian, all the time!! Sheep ears for dogs are Sold in packs of five.

Sheep ears for dogs never contain:

  • No Steroids
  • Gluten Free
  • No Grains
  • No By Products
  • No Preservatives
  • No Chemicals
  • No Fillers
  • No Dyes
  • No Colours
  • No Flavour Enhancers
  • No Artificial Growth Hormones


Sheep ears for dogs all natural chew treats are 100% natural, preservative free. They are perfect to treat your doggy and at the same time keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy. 100% Australian meat. sold in packs of four in stand up pouches.

It is the goal of every pet parent to ensure that their four-legged friends remain healthy and happy. Apart from providing them with the best place to sleep and toys to play with, you’ll also want to ensure that your canine friend is well fed. After all, the type of food your dog will go a long way in determining how healthy and happy he’ll be.

Dogs are arguably more active than cats. Compared to the latter, most dogs often need to take walks or exercise. There’s also the fact that some even work with humans in either farms, police, or even the military. Because of this active lifestyle, they need protein and amino acids to build and maintain their muscles. 

For this reason, lamb is often a better candidate. While a 100g serving of beef provides 25.9g of protein compared to lamb’s 24.5g, the same serving of lamb has more of the needed amino acids, or building blocks to assist with muscle growth and maintenance. 

One way to ensure that your dog is well-fed is to give him or her lamb dog food. Apart from containing the much-needed nutrients that your dog needs, lamb ears for dogs are also an excellent food alternative if your dog is sensitive to other protein types such as beef or chicken. Read along to learn the benefits of feeding your dog with lamb.

Our sheep Ears for dogs make the perfect healthy treat for your furry best friend

These 100% natural Australian sheep ears for dogs are a source of chondroitin, one of the building blocks of healthy cartilage. They’re also a delicious and healthy way to reward your pooch or keep them occupied and out of trouble.

  • 100% Australian sheep ears for dogs


  • Delicious, crunchy treats to reward dogs who love to chew


  • Naturally high in protein to help boost your dog’s health and wellbeing


  • Natural source of chondroitin which helps to build and maintain cartilage


  • Helps to clean and maintain healthy teeth and gums


  • For supplemental or reward feeding only.


Some dogs are allergic to common food sources such as beef or chicken. If that’s the case, then feeding them with lamb may be beneficial. Dogs with food allergies will show many symptoms, including bad breath, vomiting, diarrhea, itchiness, irritability, skin rash, etc.

If you notice any or all of these symptoms, it could be an indication that your dog is suffering from food allergies. Even so, these symptoms can be due to another underlying health problem. As such, ensure to talk to your vet to find out what could be the problem. Check out our other lamb treats here!

Dogs were born to chew, let’s keep it that way!

All our Australian dog treats are 100% preservative free and natural, naturally dehydrated, and are made to a gold standard right here in Australia.

Our natural sheep ears for dogs contain NO preservatives, sweeteners, additives, or chemicals, and are handmade in small batches, ensuring control over the cooking process and ingredients.

You will find our dog treats are the best dog treats because they are made of 100% all-natural meat, which means our dog treat’s flavours are 100% real—straight from the paddock to your puppy—so they are not only good for your pet’s health, but your pet’s taste buds too.

Naturally Dehydrated sheep ears for dogs

At Drool Pet Co, we offer naturally dehydrated dog treats which allows us to have complete control over the process. Dehydrated natural sheep ears dog treats are not only highly enticing, but they are also safe for your pet. Our drying process ensures that pathogens, such as salmonella, are eliminated, so you can be assured your pet is in safe hands.

The low-temperature dehydration process of our all-natural dog treats also ensures the nutrients in the locally sourced meat is well-preserved. Imported commercial treats are traditionally baked at high temperatures, which removes any nutrients, while our homemade dog treats are dehydrated, making them nutritious and healthy.

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