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Treats – Moo Tubes

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Moo tubes are A low fat, long lasting chew for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Wind pipes are a fun treat especially when they are stuffed with meat or peanut butter! On average 15-30cm in length!. It is tasty, chewy and will keep your dog thoroughly entertained. If your looking for something smaller try our kangaroo tubes.

Key benefits of beef dog treats:

  • Made from 100% Australian Beef, all natural with no added colours, flavours or preservatives
  • These liver treats for dogs as single ingredient and high protein which can help:
  • keep your dog’s energy levels up
  • provide essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy immune system
  • Full of real meat flavour, these moo tubes dog treats are the perfect dog training treat or everyday reward snack.

Drool Pet Co. Moo Tubes never contain:

  • No Steroids
  • Gluten Free
  • No Grains
  • No By Products
  • No Preservatives
  • No Chemicals
  • No Fillers
  • No Dyes
  • No Colours
  • No Flavour Enhancers
  • No Artificial Growth Hormones


Moo Tubes are a  perfect treat for doggy and at the same time keeping their teeth and gums clean. Made from 100% Australian meat. All chew treats are 100% natural, preservative free. Moo tubes are perfect for filling with other treats your furry friend will love, such as ground raw meat, cottage cheese, or peanut butter.

Dogs were born to chew, let’s keep it that way!

All our Australian dog treats are 100% preservative free and natural, naturally dehydrated, and are made to a gold standard right here in Australia. Our natural dog treats contain NO preservatives, sweeteners, additives, or chemicals, and are handmade in small batches, ensuring control over the cooking process and ingredients.

You will find our dog treats are the best dog treats because they are made of 100% all-natural meat, which means our dog treat’s flavours are 100% real—straight from the paddock to your puppy—so they are not only good for your pet’s health, but your pet’s taste buds too.

We’re Australian owned and operated! Drool Pet Co raw pet food is made right here in Cairns, Queensland. There’s nothing better than supporting your local.

Our natural pet treats are gold standard! If you’re feeding your pet natural raw pet food, we recommend avoiding the nasties in your treats too and our treats are made to the highest quality possible

NO nasties in our Raw Natural Pet Food and Treats

The good news is our raw food for pets and pet treats contain NO nasties.

That’s right, our raw pet food and natural pet treats doesn’t contain any of the ingredients you will find in packed pet food.

NO fillers, NO additives, NO preservatives, NO grains. Just raw natural pet food and pet treats in Australia high in fresh animal protein and balanced fats, complete with fruits and vegetables, and naturally dehydrated and natural treats.

Moo tubes contain nutrients that will ensure your dog has healthy joints, so they are especially beneficial for older dogs.

Above all, Drool Pet Co. has a commitment to you and your pets to provide the highest-quality, all-natural and grain-free products. Further more our treats are handmade, in small batches, to ensure complete control over the ingredients and cooking process.

We’re passionate about giving your pet more energy, improved digestion and immune support, just to name a few, through delicious, locally sourced, natural, raw food for pets and natural pet treats made right here in Cairns, Australia. Above all, dogs were born to chew, so let’s keep it that way!

moo tubes dog treats are straight from the paddock to your puppy.

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Weight .080 kg
Dimensions 140 × 60 × 40 mm
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    Quality dog treats.

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