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Treats – Gingerbread Biscuits for Dogs

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Gingerbread Dog Biscuits – Packet of 6 Crunchy Gingerbread Biscuit Men A Great Christmas Gift Or Perfect for dogs or puppies that suffer from car or motion sickness. The sweet smell of ginger & cinnamon makes these delightful treats good enough for US to eat! But these are the healthier alternative for your dog and contain NO SUGAR in the biscuit itself (However, there is a small amount of sugar in the decoration). N.B. As all our biscuits & treats are made by hand, colours & sizes of your actual order may vary slightly from pictures displayed. Ingredients: Ginger, Honey, Cinnamon, Water, Icing Sugar, Egg, White Oil, Whole wheat flour and Wheat germ.

Out of stock


Drool Pet Co. has a commitment to you and your pets to provide the highest-quality, all-natural and grain-free products. All our products are handmade, in small batches, to ensure complete control over the ingredients and cooking process.

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