We are living in crazy, uncertain, and wild times. Covid-19 has shaken the world to its core, and humans all around the world are suffering; whether we are struggling with the virus, or feeling depressed in lockdown, we are all feeling the effects of Covid-19 wherever we are in the world. But have you ever stopped to think about how your dog is feeling?


We’re all experiencing different forms of lockdown, but our dogs are feeling it even more. Less walks, more house activity and even a depressed owner can have an effect on your dog’s mood through these uncertain times; but did you know your dog’s diet can also affect your dog’s happier or sadder times? Yes, while your pup may be experiencing some very whacky routines and a whole bunch of lying around all day, the root of your dog’s mood may not have anything to do with lockdown, and more to do with their diet.


Avoid Sugars and Preservatives

Did you know that inexpensive, supermarket dog food and treats are filled with sugars and preservatives? Just like McDonald’s is filled with sugar, fats and preservatives to make it taste better and fill us up with no nutrients, dog food and treats work the same; and just like we feel bloated, sad, and all-around gross after we eat a big meal of McDonald’s, our pets feel the same.

Dog’s experience a similar ‘come-down’ to us when we eat not-so-great food; this can prompt irritation similar to a child coming off a high from sugar. While your dog may enjoy eating something that isn’t very good for them (just like chocolate), they will not enjoy the feeling they get after it has settled in their stomach.

That’s why we suggest avoiding pet treats filled with sugar, preservatives and fillers, and opting for natural pet treats instead. Our natural pet treats contain no nasties, which means your dog won’t experience a high and a low – they will experience tasty, nutritious and healthy pet treats that their body will love them for! Lockdown works the same, let’s keep our pups healthy and happy to ensure they don’t experience a low after a high.


B Vitamins

B Vitamins are around to ensure your dog’s nerve cells are healthy and happy, which means they have been known to have an effect on mood, anxiety and depression. If your dog is feeling the lows of lockdown and less walks, we recommend choosing a natural pet treat loaded with B Vitamins to cheer them up.

Kidney and liver are great sources of Vitamin B12, such as our natural lamb liver treats for dogs. These natural pet treats are not only lightweight and will keep your dog entertained for hours, but they are loaded with B Vitamins proven to boost your dog’s mood – without the high!


Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 Fatty Acids are also a miracle vitamin. They not only have an anti-inflammatory effect on your dog’s central nervous system, and they have also been proven to help stress and anxiety in the brain. Some research even shows Omega 3 fatty acids can be used in replacement of anti-depressant medications.

At Drool Pet Co, we have a wide range of natural fish pet treats that are high in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Our Dried Sardines are a winner with both dogs and cats, and are 100% naturally dehydrated, and made from 100% real fish sourced right here in Australia.




Magnesium is our last mood-boosting miracle vitamin, and our deer antler natural dog treats are packed with it! While there are limited dog studies, there is extensive research into how magnesium can boost anxiety and behaviour in humans. It can be tricky to ensure you don’t overdose your pup on magnesium vitamins, so your safest option is to choose a natural dog treat high in magnesium, like our deer antler treats.

Choose from our range of biscuits, powder, and antlers themselves to boost your dog’s magnesium levels and see an improvement in as little as 30 days.


Make Treat Time Fun!

There’s nothing like a little bonding time between you and your dog to brighten their mood! Check out our training tips using natural pet treats on the blog for some tips on the perfect treat for different kinds of training. Otherwise, we love stuffing toys with treats to keep your dog entertained for hours. You can find a wide variety of pet treat toys on Amazon or check out your local pet store for a wide range of inexpensive toys you can load with our natural dog treats.


So whether your dog is experiencing the lockdown blues or simply needs a switch-up in diet, Drool Pet Co’s natural pet treats are the answer to your dog’s mood prayers. Packed with vitamins, minerals and absolutely no nasties, you can rest assured knowing you’re entertaining your pet with the most natural pet treats on the market. As always, Drool Pet Co’s natural pet treats are 100% preservative-free and natural, naturally dehydrated, and contain absolutely no nasties. Most of our pet treats are made of one ingredient, and they can offer profound benefits to your dog’s health and mood in as little as 30 days; perfect for the remaining time of lockdown!